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To ensure your child is reaching expected milestones, like walking and talking, Rainilda Valencia, MD, Micaela Marin-Tucker, PA-C, and Megan Reynolds, C-PNP, offer comprehensive developmental screenings at Valencia Pediatrics in Victorville, California, and the surrounding High Desert communities of Hesperia and Apple Valley. These routine screenings are your first line of defense in recognizing potential developmental delays as early as possible. Dr. Valencia also helps coordinate early intervention strategies to keep your child’s development on the right track. Find out more about available developmental screenings by calling Valencia Pediatrics or booking an appointment online today.

Developmental Screening Q & A

What are developmental screenings?

Developmental screenings are a common part of a well-child exam. These screenings are necessary to ensure your child is growing properly and reaching common milestones throughout the different phases of life.

The goal of developmental screenings is to identify any delays that may affect your child’s long-term health and ability to thrive. This early identification makes it possible for Dr. Valencia to coordinate necessary intervention services at home, school, and in other areas of your child’s life.

What issues can developmental screenings identify?

Developmental screenings can identify areas where your child isn’t thriving physically, emotionally, or behaviorally. Screenings can help detect issues with:

  • Physical growth
  • Learning abilities
  • Language skills
  • Gross motor skills

For many children, developmental screenings are the first step in diagnosing conditions like autism, ADD, and ADHD in the earliest stages.

When does my child need developmental screenings?

While every child has different needs, Dr. Valencia generally recommends developmental screenings for children at 9, 18, 24, and 30 months, whether or not you have concerns about their growth. She performs additional screenings for children ages 1 year and up during annual well-child visits, usually until your child reaches age 5.

In some cases, Dr. Valencia may recommend more frequent screenings based on your child’s family and medical history. For instance, more screenings may be necessary if your child had a low birth weight or has a history of exposure to lead paint or other toxins.

Dr. Valencia and her staff can create a customized screening timeline to address your child’s specific needs.

What can I expect during a developmental screening?

Dr. Valencia may use a variety of screening tools during her assessment. She starts each screening with a comprehensive discussion about any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your child’s development.

During the screening, Dr. Valencia observes your child’s movements and behaviors, evaluating how your child interacts with her and noting any delays. Dr. Valencia can also provide you with information and guidance for recognizing potential developmental delays in your child between appointments.

To learn more about the importance of developmental screenings, call Valencia Pediatrics or schedule a consultation online today.