Benefits of Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Child

When you have a new baby or move to a new area with your child, choosing the right doctor is an important decision. Along with choosing an experienced and caring professional, you’ll need to find a doctor well versed in children’s medical needs.

Rainilda Valencia, MD, and her compassionate, skilled team at Valencia Pediatrics strongly believe children should get pediatric medical care from a pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in the medical needs of children from birth to age 21. Learn what Dr. Valencia, a board-certified pediatrician, identifies as the ways your child will benefit from seeing a pediatrician.

Pediatricians are experts in child development

No doctor is better versed in child development than a pediatrician. Dr. Valencia and her Physician’s Assistant and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner only treat kids and adolescents age 21 and under at Valencia Pediatrics. 

This allows our team to fully focus on the special medical issues unique to children. This includes monitoring your child’s developmental milestones and helping you meet fully your child’s medical needs from birth into adolescence and young adulthood.

Pediatricians are specialists with childhood conditions

Dr. Valencia and her team are well versed in how illnesses and injuries specifically present in children. Certain conditions are more common in children than adults, and children can present with very different symptoms and need different treatments and prescriptions.

If your child has a chronic condition, or was born prematurely, he or she will also benefit from receiving specialized pediatric care. For example, a child with asthma should be regularly monitored by Dr. Valencia.

Pediatricians know how to communicate with children

From nonverbal infants to adolescents developing minds of their own, children communicate differently than adults. Pediatricians are specifically trained in how to talk to children and recognize their medical needs.

Our team at Valencia Pediatrics creates a warm, welcoming environment that helps children feel comfortable. We focus on listening carefully to children’s different ways of communicating, whether they’re talkative, shy, or too young to speak. This includes encouraging your child to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Pediatricians also know the importance of communicating with children’s guardians. Dr. Valencia and her team are always happy to answer any questions you have about your child’s development and help you encourage your child’s healthy development at home.

What to expect when your child visits Valencia Pediatrics

At Valencia Pediatrics, we offer comfortable, family-friendly offices, with short waiting times and separate waiting areas for sick and well children. Our team works with your family to schedule visits that fit your schedule and your child’s needs.

At your initial visit, Dr. Valencia meets with you to learn more about your child. This includes a review of your child’s medical history as well as any questions and concerns you have.

Dr. Valencia and her team do everything possible to make your child feel comfortable during visits. This includes engaging in child-friendly interaction, bringing caring and compassion to every appointment, and customizing your child’s treatment.

To make an initial consultation appointment at Valencia Pediatrics, located in Victorville, California, in Los Angeles County, give our practice a call, and we’ll find a time to meet that’s convenient for you.

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