How to Choose a Pediatrician for Your Child

When you’re expecting a new baby, choosing the right pediatrician is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure they start their life healthy and strong. You might also need to make this important choice for your toddler or older child after you relocate, your child’s current pediatrician retires, or when you’re simply looking for a new provider. 

Choosing your child’s pediatrician is a decision you should make carefully with your family. Rainilda Valencia, MD, the board-certified pediatrician at Valencia Pediatrics, shares these tips for helping you choose the best pediatrician for your child.

Why choose a pediatrician for your child?

Dr. Valencia highly recommends finding a pediatrician for your newborn or child, rather than a family doctor qualified to see children and adults. The reason for this is that pediatricians only work with patients under 21, making them uniquely specialized in working with infant, toddler, child, and adolescent medical needs.

A pediatrician like Dr. Valencia is specially trained in recognizing and treating childhood illnesses, child development, and in communicating with both children and parents. She’s also experienced in coordinating any treatment your child needs for school and additional activities.

What to look for in a pediatrician

When you select a pediatrician for your child, Dr. Valencia suggests you consider the following factors:

The right qualifications

Your child’s pediatrician should ideally be board-certified in pediatrics, which means they’ve completed a residency, specialized training, and additional experience and study in child and adolescent medical care. In addition, it’s important for the entire medical team working with your pediatrician to have specialized training and experience working with children.

It’s also worth considering how many years of experience your pediatrician and their team have in practicing pediatrics. For example, Dr. Valencia is board-certified in pediatrics, and our entire team has decades of combined experience working with children.

Aligned philosophies around pediatric medical care

When choosing a pediatrician, you’ll be happier and more comfortable with one who shares your views on child medical care and development. On the Valencia Pediatrics website, you can start to get an idea of our views by looking at our how we practice medicine statement.

In addition, Dr. Valencia and our team are always happy to meet with you and answer any questions you have about our care practices and values. It’s always appropriate to ask a prospective pediatrician for a get-to-know-you appointment before committing to their practice.

A pediatrician with whom you feel comfortable

At the same meet-and-greet appointment, you can get an idea if you feel comfortable and supported by the pediatrician. Dr. Valencia recommends you choose a pediatrician who answers your questions to your satisfaction and interacts warmly and compassionately with you and your child. If your child is older, you should also consider if they feel comfortable and supported by their pediatrician.

A practice with location and hours convenient to you

While you shouldn’t just choose a pediatrician because they’re located down the street, you do want to choose a practice you can conveniently access by car or public transportation, as well as practice hours that work with your routine. It’s much easier to maintain your child’s well-child exams, developmental screenings, vaccines, and other appointments if you can easily get to the office.

Valencia Pediatrics is located in Victorville, California, and we usually see patients located nearby in California’s High Desert, including Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville.

If you’re located near Valencia Pediatrics and are looking for a new pediatrician for your child or upcoming bundle of joy, we’d love to get to know you. To schedule an appointment to meet our team, call us at 442-204-0019.

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